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Islam’s attitude towards natural environment

Islam’s attitude towards natural environment

In the vicinity of the Cemetery of Mushka [in Soville]... There was a palm tree which as one could see, was leaning over a great deal. The people in the neighboring houses, fearing that might fall on their homes and damage them, complained to the ruler who in response to their concern ordered them to cut them down. Those who were going to cut it down arrived at the place after the evening prayer and said, “It will soon be dark. Let us cut it down tomorrow if God wills”…

Now, it so happened that one of our companions [had a vision in which] he saw the Envoy of God bless him and give him peace….suiting in a mosque situated in the Cemetery of Mushka [And he saw how] the palm tree in question was plowing through the ground with its roots until it arrived at his side. It then complained to him that the people wanted to cut it down on account of its curvature for fear that it might harm their houses, and it said to him “O Envoy of God, pray for me”.

The person who had the vision related that the Envoy of God then placed his hand on the palm tree, which immediately straightened remaining upright and erect, and returned to his place.

In the morning, when the people got up. I went with a group of individuals to establish the vision all we saw was that it had straightened up and become erect without any curvature.
[From the account of the life of the prophet (PBUH), by Andalusian Sufi Ibn Arabi]
Would that present-day Muslims remember this account when they next cry to cut trees only for the sake of convenience or greed?

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